Our company, which has operated for years without compromising quality, We produce projects with metal, furniture and upholstery projects with modern, aesthetic, economical and stylish designs and 10.000 ² closed area on 12.000 m² area. We mainly produce school orders, educational equipments, office furniture, cinema and conference halls, hotel -restaurant -cafetare-bar for furniture design and manufacturing services for our company; Exporting 50% of the production abroad, we are one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the region. BEFORE QUALITY! It is possible to summarize the philosophy of Officeroom, Turkey 's leading office, school, hotel furniture, manufacturer, with these two words because quality brings with it many features when it is really achieved. Officeroom closely follows the latest developments and trends in the sector in order to achieve the quality aimed at, and it makes a difference in the sector by offering the best quality fiyata. Officeroom is working hard to give you the best and it's getting your dynamism from your liking. TIME CHANGES HUMAN AND NEEDS! The progressive technology, the globalizing world and the intensifying business temposu ... It is not enough to work hard to cope with this tempo, besides it needs to work efficiently. When it comes to efficiency, the prominence of office furniture and vehicles is emerging. Officeroom offers functional office seats in this direction, evaluating every aspect of its contribution to the productive work of the chair, which the occupant spends on most of the mesais. It combines comfort, aesthetics, ergonomics and greatness. At Officeroom you will find the most suitable seating solutions for your expectations.

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